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At New Kings we try really hard to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our coffee grounds are Fair Trade and organic certified. Our coffee bags are made from Bioweb, which is a 100% biodegradable product made from a totally renewable and sustainable source of corn starch. Significantly less energy is used in the production of coffee bags compared to traditional cellulose products. And is completely taste neutral so all the taste in the cup comes from the coffee and nothing else. Unlike normal tea bags, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable so are best disposed of in a food waste bin. 

As many people will know, one of the biggest issues for companies is offsetting the environmental impact that comes with importing products and using the postal system to deliver our products to our customers. With global current posting and packaging capabilities it can sometimes be a bit of challenge but we try our best. Our products are packaged in cardboard with paper tape so they can be recycled. 

We try to offset our human impact by supporting businesses and charities that keep human wellbeing at the forefront of their business model. This is part of why we are proud to be a part of the Fair Trade family. At New Kings Coffee we are very aware of the poor life quality that coffee farmers have been dealing with for many years. One of our main goals is to change this, so is Grounds for Health’s, the charity we support. You can rest assured that every time you use one of our coffee bags, a proportion of the cost of your brew is providing much needed help. Grounds for Health works to prevent Cervical Cancer amongst coffee communities in developing countries. To find out more, you can visit their website here:

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There is one missing link to this puzzle however. Hopefully it is clear that we care a lot about offsetting the environmental and human impact of our business. Our customers often correctly ask about our foil sachets. How can these be disposed of in a way that is best for the planet? It's a good question and the straight answer is that this is something we’ve struggled with over time. The packaging needs to be secure and be guaranteed to maintain the taste and quality of the coffee bag inside. The sachets are made from a foil and plastic laminate, which protects the coffee bags from air, water and light, ensuring that the coffee remains fresher for longer. They're definitely not compostable like our coffee bags but they can be recycled by specialist means

We've teamed up with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste. Their “Zero Waste Box” Solution separates the foil sachets into metals and plastics. The metals are melted so they can be recycled and the plastics undergo extrusion and pelletization so they can be molded into new plastic products.

As drop-off points are not yet readily accessible for the average person, we’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. You can send us your empty foil sachets and we'll ensure they get properly recycled. We're also working with our suppliers to find a more environmentally friendly alternative to foil sachets.


  1. Collect your sachets (we suggest sending us multiple at a time). 

  2. Package your sachets and send to the following address:

New Kings Coffee

New Kings Court



It’s that simple! 

We are continuously improving our business model to make sure it better supports the things we value: people and the planet

Let us know if you have any ideas on how we improve.

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