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There are so many ways you can still have fun at home and pretend it’s somewhere exotic. Maybe you can’t get enough time off work, or you have so much time that you can’t spend all of it away from home. A “staycation” is usually when a person holidays in their own country rather than overseas, or a holiday spent at home visiting local tourist sites. A lot of tourist attractions are closed or have limited capacity due to social distancing measures. Here are a few ways you can stay in your own home and feel like you’re on holiday. 


When it comes to camping you don’t have to go very far. Set up a tent in your living room or garden to get a very similar experience. If you don’t have a tent make a pillow fort out of cushions, blankets and sofas. If the weather is good you could even set up outside without a tent and sleep under the stars. 



Set up the tables with some nice candles and go all out with cutlery, tablecloths and other fancy bits and bobs. Spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen cooking up a nice meal. No matter who you live with, whether its family, a partner, or friends, everyone enjoys a great feast. Ask everyone to get dressed up a bit smarter than usual and it really sets the tone for a fun evening. 

Spa Day.jpg


Make like a five-star resort and have a spa day from your living room! Buy some face masks (not the surgical kind) from a local Boots, they usually retail at under a £1 each, and run a bubble bath. Dim the lights, put on some whale noises and light some candles for a truly relaxing experience. Make sure you book out a few hours with no distractions in order to really let your body relax. 





While a lot of places are still closed, it might be possible to visit some local holiday spots in the UK. If you do, please make sure to wear a mask and follow all social distancing guidelines. Rather than be disappointed that you’re not vacationing in Spain or France, let’s all treat this as an opportunity to explore all that the UK has to offer and give back to those in our home country who work so hard for the tourism industry. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Blaise Castle.jpg


Blaise Castle was built in 1766 and however busy it is there will always be loads of space for a picnic and a kickabout. There is a children’s playground, wooded area to explore and a museum (check to see if it is open before your visit). Looking over it all is the impressive Blaise Castle building. It is sure to create a sense of wonder and adventure, even without being able to go inside. 



This grand estate outside Leeds has easy access from the M1 Motorway and lots of space to allow for social distancing. It will give you the fresh countryside air away from the city that is much needed after so much time spent indoors. It will also fascinate you with sculptures from some of the biggest artist in the world, such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Entry is free to Under 18s so it’s great for families. 



Morden Hall Park used to be a deer park and now belongs to the National Trust and is easily accessible through multiple tube lines. The River Wandle runs right through it, allowing for beautiful scenery across all 125 acres. It features the only Garden Centre inside a National Trust property and its café and restaurant are open for takeaways. The northern part of the park has the Wimbledon Tramlink Light Rail running through it, allowing for a country experience that is perfectly integrated with city life. Morden Hall itself is an impressive building that proves you don’t need to leave London to get some space. 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park.jpg


Many famous world heritage sites have gone digital! While everyone was stuck indoors, they decided to entertain us with online experiences that are as close to the original as possible. While they probably don’t quite match up to the authentic experience, they provide quality entertainment without having to leave your home (or even bed). 



Shiseido has sponsored The Louvre’s, one of Paris’ most beloved tourist sites, going online. This digital tour allows you to explore the many rooms of the art museum at your own pace (and minus the crowds). You’ll be able to see the Mona Lisa and examine the impressive interior facades of the museum. Visit this amazing museum here:



You no longer need to travel to Venezuela to see the highest waterfall in the world. It is now available online in 8k video format that was filmed using drone technology. Gasp as you travel through the dense jungle in a mesmerising experience that you would not get if you went to the original site. Visit the 975m wonder here:



Check out the livestream of these endangered red pandas in order to gain an appreciation for this dwindling species. Chester Zoo in England has set up the stream in order to create an awareness for the conservation of these animals and entertain the masses stuck in lockdown. Although the Red Panda Network estimates there are 10,000 living red pandas, only around 2,500 are free in the wild. Check out the livestream here:

Red Panda.jpg


We hope you will find entertainment in some of the activities we’ve suggested. Maybe they will inspire you to look into the lockdown activities happening closer to you or other virtual events put on by your favourite tourist destinations. Let us know what you find! We’d also like to remind you that it is also perfectly fine to snuggle up in front of the TV with a cup of New Kings Coffee! 😋

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