Sustainable Coffee

"Whilst I had the choice of hundreds of coffees, I set out to create a business that had strong ethical and sustainability values at its core. So selecting premium quality Fairtrade and Organic coffees and always making sustainable packaging choices was a 'no-brainer'."
Jason, Founder


No chemicals & more antioxidants


Taking care of our farmers


Recyclable packaging

Roasted in the UK

A family run British Business

ETHICAL & Sustainable Coffee

"It's a shocking fact that millions of farmers and workers who produce the food we love still don't earn enough to feed their own families". - Fairtrade

Sourcing our coffee beans mustn't contribute to coffee injustice and inequality in our supply chain.

We use Fairtrade coffee to make sure a minimum price is paid to the farmers, regardless of the market price.

An additional premium is given to improve social, economic and environmental conditions in Fairtrade supported communities.

100% chemical free decaf - watch our video here

Plastic free Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags are made using 100% biodegradable BioWeb.

BioWeb bags take significantly less energy than traditional cellulose bags to produce while being completely taste neutral.

Just throw them into your food waste bin once your done.

Plus, our decaf coffee is 100% chemical free - watch our video here

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Recyclable SachEts 

Coffee is very different to tea, in that it requires air, light and moisture protection to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

Without this, the natural oils in the coffee will leach in to the packaging and cause the coffee to go stale quickly.

Typically, packaging made from a combination of plastic and foil provide the best protection but obviously creates other issues in terms of sustainability; plus they’re hard to recycle.

Recyclable materials are generally more expensive but we have decided to move across to our new recyclable sachets, because sustainability is so important to us. 

Also, check out brand new Eco Pouches that use 85% less packaging! 

Doing all The little things

Sustainability is always at the front of mind for us, that's why we try to do everything we can, including:

• Boxes made from recyclable ECF pulp, which itself is made from recycled materials.

• Recyclable paper sealing disks

• Recyclable packaging tape

• Recyclable leaflets made from recycled paper 

• Recyclable labels made from recycled paper for our Eco Pouches and Cold Brew 

• Minimising and recycling office waste

Suggestion box - Could we do more?

We are always trying to do OUR best but we need your help.
if we have missed anything, PLEASE LET US KNOW. 

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