Is Coffee Good for Running?

Fuelling My Running Journey: How Coffee Bags Became My Secret Weapon

Is it okay to have caffeine before a run? Yes! What’s more, I’ve found that coffee bags have become an unexpected essential in my running routine! Fresh coffee, but in a more convenient and transportable form, is helping me prepare mentally and physically for the long distances.

Before heading out for a run, having coffee or any form of caffeine can increase your energy and reduce discomfort. Many long-distance runners and endurance use caffeine supplements on race days to boost their performance. Just like espresso, energy drinks, and energy gels, a pre-workout cup of coffee can be a great source of caffeine before a run. Read on to find out the ways coffee is good for running.

Morning Workouts:

In the early hours of the morning, forcing yourself out of bed and into the pre-sunrise pavements can be, let’s face it, horrific. I found the only way to deal with this mental and physical aversion was to make a steaming cup of coffee, quickly made from NKC coffee bags. Taking this moment to wake up makes getting out of my warm bed so much easier! Moreover, the caffeine in coffee acts as a natural stimulant, helping to increase alertness and improve endurance, which is crucial for sustaining long-distance runs.

Mental Focus and Clarity: 

Mental fortitude becomes just as important as physical strength. Coffee not only energises my body but also sharpens my mind, enhancing focus and concentration during those challenging training sessions. This can help you stay more in tune with your body and surroundings and therefore less likely to twist an ankle or get an injury from sloppy form.

Pre-Race Ritual: 

On race day, coffee takes on a special significance as part of my pre-race ritual. Sipping on a cup of coffee in the early hours of the morning calms my nerves and sets the tone for the day ahead. It's a comforting routine that helps me mentally prepare for the monumental task ahead.

Another thing about coffee, it can make you need to use the bathroom. This can be either a positive or a negative aspect of coffee, depending on the situation. For instance, before a race, if you're trying to lighten your load (so to speak) then coffee might be helpful. However, if you drink coffee and start running before you've had a chance to go to the bathroom, either on an early morning run or the race, well… things could turn out unpleasantly. 

Performance Enhancement:

Studies have shown that caffeine can improve athletic performance by reducing perceived exertion and increasing fat oxidation. By incorporating coffee into my training routine, I'm able to push myself further and achieve peak performance on race day. Moreover, coffee helps reduce your sense of pain and discomfort. I’ve found this really helps lessen the strains of a difficult run and gives me a temporary boost in endurance.

Post-Run Recovery:

After crossing the finish line, a well-deserved cup of coffee awaits as a reward for your hard work and dedication. Often, at race stations they provide free hot water for runners – so all I need to do is pop in my freshly protected NKC coffee bag and voila! This helps to replenish glycogen stores and reduce antioxidants to reduce the body’s inflammatory response and promote muscle recovery, allowing me to bounce back faster and stronger.

In Conclusion:

When trying to squeeze in those long runs, time can be tight. This is why the coffee bag has become the optimum form of getting that much needed caffeine boost, without cutting on quality. From early morning training runs to crossing the finish line on race day, coffee has been my steadfast companion throughout my running journey so far. Its ability to energise, focus, and enhance performance has made it an essential part of my training regimen.


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