In his final review, Daniel Clarke, coffee barista and barista trainer, tries out our Swiss Water Decaf coffee bags from Peru. We love Daniel’s poetic descriptions of his coffee experience and his great suggestions for pairing our coffee bags with food. So grab yourself a cake and a coffee and enjoy the read…



Welcome back coffee lovers. Join me as I brew and review another gourmet coffee bag from Bristol company New Kings Coffee. In this review I shall explore the Decaf Peru coffee bag, the tasting, some thoughts on fair trade and organic coffee, and the final verdict. So, pop the kettle on and take a peruse!

What is a coffee bag you say? Just like it’s leafy cousin, the tea bag, a coffee bag can be brewed in a cup with hot water. It is an easy, no mess, portable coffee solution. The gourmet bags from New Kings Coffee contain ground Arabica coffee that is Organic and Fair Trade. So, not only does it contain good tasting beans but also supports its farmers with every purchase allowing the cycle to continue which is great. And farming without the use of artificial substances keeps the produce 100% natural. A win win!

This particular roast comes from the Latin American country of Peru. Located West of Brazil and South-West of Columbia, hosts a multitude of growing regions which is supported by the wonderful water supply of the Amazon Basin. Running through the entirety of the country, the waters allow for sweet and full bodied flavours to develop complimented by a soft but clean cut profile.



Before we can slurp away at our warming cup, we must first brew it. From the guidelines given from New Kings Coffee, pop your gourmet coffee bag in your favourite cup, add of the boil water, give it a generous stir, and brew for 3-5 minutes. Once brewed to taste, squeeze and remove the bag. You can add milk and sugars afterwards. For optimum extraction, it is best to use an 8oz cup (227ml~) to allow the flavour to develop fully. You can add more water afterwards if need be for bigger cups.

Once brewed, you mug eagerly awaits the lips for tasting. A tasting can be separated into four elements: AromaAcidityBody, and Flavour. The aroma of the decaf Peru roast is smooth and has a subtle citrus. This is prepares you for the inviting and delicately sweet acidity with a body that possesses nutty undertones and a balanced weight on the tongue. The overall flavour is not overpowering. The lighter roast suits the sweeter profile with an easy to drink, laid back demeanour and softer essence. The bigger the cup the more subtle the taste, however. So, keep that in mind.

Much like wine, coffee has its partner in crime: food. For this lighter roast from Peru, playing towards its strengths of sweetness and nutty flavours enhances the cup. A simple almond biscuit can add delicious peaks in sugary goodness carried by the smooth body of the almonds. When enjoying dark chocolate it adds a decadent richness to the brew. As for cakes such as bakewell tarts and carrot cake, the fruit elevates the sweet citrus, the icing/topping adds a creamy body, and the nuts provide smooth and earthy undertones. Delightful!

An additional note on the tasting is the effects of decaf on the flavour. Simply put, there is none. Due to the refined process of use of the SWISS WATER method, the caffeine is  extracted by soaking the greens beans in warm water to create flavour charged water. This is then run through a carbon filter to capture the caffeine molecules. The untarnished taste is a testament to how decaf has improved so much over the years!

Green Thoughts


Now let’s spare some thoughts and discuss the example the Bristol firm is setting. As mentioned earlier in the review, the coffee used is Fair Trade and organic. The support from Fair Trade allows for small farms to securely compete and invest on the global markets. This is wonderful for the families involved. As for organic crops, this means less chemicals in the produce which leaves a natural crop to be harvested and later enjoyed.

Aside from looking after the community involved, the same goes for the care over the environment. The entire unit is either biodegradable or recyclable. You can even mail back the foil sachets back the company where they team up with TerraCycle to recycle the metals and plastics which is fantastic! Not only that but, every unit purchased supports the Grounds for Health charity. This charity provides screening, treatment, and training for the care of cervical cancer patients in developing countries. A lovely demonstration of the Human spirit.


new king coffee1.2197.png

Overall, the Decaf Peru gourmet coffee bag by New Kings Coffee is a clean and sweet cup. Because of the refined decaffeination process, all of the smooth nutty undertones and citrus flavours a preserved. A wonderful prospect to enjoy a coffee whatever time of the day without worrying about bouncing off the walls. It is great for those who don’t like full bodied, heavy roasts. It is an upgrade from the cheap, instant coffee and for those who don’t own a French Press or other methods.

For the final verdict, I would like to rate this gourmet coffee bag 8 out of 10 beans. It is a flavoursome decaffeinated roast that leads on a journey through the smooth and soft tastes of Peru. Although it doesn’t have the rich character of a French Press or the power of an Espresso, it is a more convenient and less messy solution to your coffee needs. In this case, good flavour without caffeine.

Thank you for reading this brew and review. You can find more coffee bag reviews here. Until next time, keeps you cups warm and your hearts warmer!


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