UPDATE (07/05/20): Since launch, nearly 5,000 coffee bags have been donated by 50 donors to 40 different hospitals. Donors have been from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, America and even from a doctor in Lombardi in Italy! Hospitals have been in all 4 countries of the UK, from as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as Southampton.

We’ve had some great feedback from the carers receiving our coffee bags:

  • “I’m a Staff Nurse in Gloucestershire, whilst on a very long 12 hour shift on Friday I was given one of your coffee bags to try. I didn’t actually get my afternoon or evening break so I took the sachet home with me. Well! I treated myself this morning and my goodness it was the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time! It’s cheered me up no end so I’m going to purchase a few boxes. Thank you to the kind people who are helping you donate these wonderful bags of warmth that just lift you up! :)”

  • “People have been so generous to us it's been so heartwarming where we are just doing what we know and love. But its heartbreaking I wont lie and it's going to get harder. We have to wear masks all the time and you get so dry. I'm the coffee queen on my ward and always have lovely coffee bags which makes me very popular 🙂. And as I said us nurses love our coffee.”

  • “We just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your customers for providing us with some coffee for our incredible staff. Your support is really appreciated and it has helped us to really keep morale up at this challenging time. We have been blown away by how much the community has rallied around us, so thank you for your support.”

Plus some lovely photos as well:

ORIGINAL POST: We’ve received a number of requests from hospitals for donations of our coffee bags to help support Doctors and Nurses through these challenging times. In the words of one doctor in London…

  • “…we have all been asked to work in extraordinary conditions, whereby we may be without notice asked to stay and not leave the hospital. Our hospitals are expanding bed numbers, some by the 100s, converting normal beds to intensive care beds and we are all being stretched. We are all being called to work long shifts (baseline 12.5hrs), out of our usual areas. We received notice that there will be times doctors and nurses will unexpectedly not be able leave the hospital.”

And from a deputy sister in South Wales…

  • “…I am looking for donations of coffee to distribute to our wards in this very difficult time and wondered if you could help please (us nurses love our coffee 🙂) We would be extremely grateful.”

As a small business, we don’t have the budgets of larger brands to be able to donate as much as we would wish or as is needed. So we thought we would set up a donation scheme, whereby our customers can donate some coffee bags to a UK hospital of their choice. Coffee bags are a perfect choice for hospitals, as they only require a cup and hot water to make a proper cup of coffee; something that most wards will have.

With your donation, we hope that more doctors and nurses in more hospitals around the country can benefit from a cup of freshly brewed organic coffee when they need it most.

Donate £10 today and we will send 50 coffee bags to a UK hospital of your choice, plus include an optional personalised message of support from you. Donate £17.50 and we’ll send 100 coffee bags. We won’t profit from your donation and the whole amount will go towards supplying coffee bags to the doctors and nurses of your chosen hospital.

Thank you for your support.