give the gift of great coffee

Our premium, delicious coffee bags are the perfect holiday gift for every coffee lover. 

your coffee bag gift guide

Ethical, high quality and real ground coffee without the fuss, faff or mess.

For the can't stop workers. For the outdoor explorers. For the busy parents.

get started with coffee bags

16 Bag Selection Box - £9.99

Give a loved one an intro to coffee bags with 4 delicious, high-quality premium varieties (Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast, Decaf Roast).

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Gift wrapped Selection

40 Bag Selection Box - £29.99 £34.99

Our signature gift wrapped selection box contains all four boxes of our delicious coffee roasts, with ten individually wrapped coffee bags in each.

It is a unique gift for someone wanting to explore some of the finest coffees from around the world. Each roast has a unique flavour profile that is second to none.

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Coffee making rules

1. Add Coffee to a mug
2. Add hot water
3. Stir, then brew for 3-5 mins
4. Squeeze & Remove the bag

Ethical and sustainable


No chemicals & more antioxidants


Taking care of our farmers


Recyclable packaging

Roasted in the UK

A family run British Business

Great coffee you can be sure they'll love

Based on over 1000 verified reviews

A little something extra

4 Bag Sample packets - £2.99

Give a loved one the perfect intro to our coffee bags this holiday season with 4 delicious coffee roasts..

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all of our roasts and sizes

Dark Roast

Our Dark Roast is best for those who like a stronger coffee, perfect for your first coffee of the day!

Light Roast

Our Light Roast is perfect for those who enjoy a lighter coffee. Great for a late afternoon brew. 

Medium Roast

Our best selling Medium Roast is best for those who like a smooth and well-balanced coffee. 

Decaf Roast

Our Decaf is perfect for those who love coffee but not the caffeine, or for that soothing late evening drink.