Ethical Coffee - Sustainably Sourced

Our selection of barista quality dark, medium, light and decaf roast coffee bags, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and extremely convenient to use.

  • Organic ✓
  • Eco-Friendly & recyclable ✓
  • Fairtrade ✓
  • Charity Partner ✓
  • Chemical-free decaffeination ✓

Why Fairtrade?

As Fairtrade say on their website, “It's a shocking fact that millions of farmers and workers who produce the food we love still don’t earn enough to feed their own families”.

This is why it’s so important to us to know where our coffee comes from and in what conditions it was farmed and produced. Fairtrade ensures:

A minimum price is paid to the farmers, regardless of how low the market price might go;

An additional premium is paid for them to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

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Why Organic?

Organic and Fairtrade go hand in hand. Whilst Fairtrade is primarily about fair pay for the farmer, Organic ensures the land and farming processes are respected. Organic produce:

✓ Has fewer pesticides;
✓ Has no artificial colours or flavours;
✓ Is better for wildlife and for the planet;
✓ Is nutritionally different;
✓ Has no GM ingredients.

All of our coffee is Organic.

Swiss Water Process

Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process. This uses pure water, temperature and time, to create a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free, from a gentle, chemical-free process.

This means no solvents are used in the process and you get only the taste of the coffee in the cup and nothing else.

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As cover lovers who are insatiably curious about the world, we also care about it. Hence we strive to ensure our business is as sustainable as possible. In line with our coffee sourcing policy, we look to ensure our packaging is also eco-friendly:

✓ Coffee bags - 100% biodegradable, made from a sustainable source of corn starch and should be placed in your food waste bin after use;

✓ Outer sachets - you can send these back to us for proper recycling with specialist company, TerraCycle;

✓ Boxes - recyclable/biodegradable and made from 100% ECF pulp (elemental chlorine free)

Our mailing bags are compostable and our packing tape is even paper-based, to avoid using plastic as much as possible.

Our Mission

At New Kings Coffee we are dedicated to helping you explore a diverse range of high quality coffees from around the world; experiencing a variety of roasts, aromas and tastes. Our innovative coffee bags provide a single serving of each coffee, making these an ideal way to experience many different coffees in a convenient and cost effective way.

All of our coffees are single origin, Fairtrade and Organic, ensuring we provide only the very best, whilst supporting the people and environments in the coffee growing regions.

Our Values

If you’re anything like us, then you might be a bit:

  • Curious – in fact a lot curious; keen to find out more and understand;
  • Adventurous – love exploring new places and things, and engaging with new people. Bold but never reckless;
  • Perfectionist – which can sometimes be a challenge but we believe quality is important;
  • Trustworthy – fair and honest in everything that we do.

At New Kings Coffee we pride ourselves in these values and endeavour to ensure they prevail in everything we do, including in the choice of coffees we provide.

Our Founder

Hi. I'm Jason, founder of New Kings Coffee. I launched the business in September 2017 after becoming disenchanted with my corporate career. But it was during my corporate life that the idea for the business was first born. I used to attend hotels and conferences and for refreshment be presented with a beautiful selection box of black, white and herbal teas BUT alongside an anonymous flask of fairly average coffee. Why wasn't there a selection box of coffee, I thought to myself? After all, there are as many varieties as coffee as there are tea. So I went on a mission, to create the coffee selection box - and to create a business that customers would be delighted to buy from and I and others would be proud to work for.

Welcome to New Kings Coffee.