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What's the difference between instant coffee and coffee bags?

There are a few differences between coffee bags and instant coffee - coffee bags are made from ground coffee, but despite this they are just as simple to prepare as instant coffee. Just add hot water and enjoy. There are several big differences between instant coffee and brewing methods like coffee bags or cafetieres. These methods create a stronger flavour than instant coffee as they are brewed for longer using proper coffee grounds. Instant can have a chemical taste which is definitely not present in our coffee bags.  Instant coffees may also contain unwanted ingredients such as chemicals and preservatives....

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Are coffee bags any good?

If you’ve been wondering whether coffee bags are actually any good, we’re here to put your worries to rest. Coffee bags have been growing in popularity over the last few years and they offer a great alternative to other coffee formats. Coffee bags are simply a way of brewing coffee without needing any equipment at all! Instead of grinding up your beans and pouring them into a filter with hot water, you just throw the whole bag in whatever mug or cup you want and pour hot water on top of it for a speedy cup of coffee. The best...

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