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Delicious, quick and convenient coffee

Try coffee bags, the easiest way to enjoy freshly ground premium coffee.

It's as easy as a teabag. Simply add water to get a great tasting coffee, without any fuss, faff or mess.

The Starter Kit

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The easiest way to enjoy real coffee

You might have had coffee bags before. But never like this. Barista quality Fairtrade Organic coffee. Your mornings will thank you.

The traditional way to make coffee

Messy, gross to clean and bad for the planet

  • Bland, bitter, or acidic
  • Processed coffee
  • Hassel to make
  • Unsustainable packaging 

The better way to make coffee

Easy, sustainable, and extremely tasty coffee!

  • Delicious real coffee grounds
  • No mess to clean up
  • Great on the go
  • Fully recyclable packaging

Step 1

Put the coffee bag into the cup

Step 2

Add hot water

Step 3

Stir, remove the bag and enjoy

Quick, Versatile real coffee

As fast as instant, as proper as an espresso machine and as easy as a teabag.

Organic and Fairtrade

Organic coffee from Fairtrade farms ensures you get a quality bean and protect the planet

Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable pouches and compostable coffee bags

Speciality Coffee

We only use the finest carefully sourced ethical coffee beans for our roasts 

why everyone is switching to coffee bags

The best ground coffee I've ever tasted

This coffee is quite literally impeccable. The best ground coffee taste and quality wise. I'd recommend it to anyone, and even challenge those people who have coffee machines at home. Ethically made too, I'm a huge fan.

- Tish

Real fresh coffee without the hassle

I love coffee and probably drink far too much of it. At work I have a coffee machine which feeds my daily habit, but I'm stuck with instant at home. Not anymore!!! These coffee bags are quick and easy to use and provide the perfect mug of coffee without any fuss. 

- Zac

Lovely coffee without the mess

New Kings Coffee is a winner all round! I was really curious to see if a coffee bag could produce the same flavour and richness of cafetiere coffee and was pleasantly surprised. It's rich, intense, and flavoursome but also smooth 

- Grace

Wonderful way to try different coffee

I am not a coffee expert - just an ordinary bloke, trying to avoid pod machines and large scale coffee machine brews that are never finished. Tried these as a possible solution. Sitting here with my first cup. OMG! What a revelation.

- Mark

Ethical coffee you can be proud to drink

We're a small independent Bristol business, providing you with great tasting coffee from around the world, whilst supporting our coffee farmers and protecting the planet:

✔️ Coffee farmers get paid a fair wage and a premium to support their communities;

✔️ The planet is protected by using organic farming practices and environmentally sound packaging;

✔️ You get great tasting, ethical coffee that's super easy to make with just a cup and hot water.


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