Coffee and a Chat
Coffee and a Chat
Coffee and a Chat
Coffee and a Chat

Fancy a coffee and a chat?

Send a coffee bag to a friend


Just because we can't see each other right now doesn't mean we shouldn't talk.

Remember the days when you would meet a friend for a coffee and a catch up at your favourite coffee spot.

Whilst we can't do that right now, we can still get together virtually with a cup of barista quality coffee. 

As a small business, we’re always keen for more people to experience our coffee bags. As someone who is already a fan, we are giving you the chance to send a coffee and a chat leaflet to a friend who has never tried our coffee bags.

Each leaflet contains one of our delicious coffee bags.

How it works

Give us your friends address

Checkout without anything else in your cart (or your coffee will go to your friend).

They get their coffee bag

They will receive the coffee bag in the post in a couple of days. 

Drink together

Find a time to sit down and drink your coffee together over a video call.