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Choosing New Kings Coffee was easy, they have the highest ethical and environmental standards we could find and the coffee is of outstanding quality. From recyclable packets, 100% compostible bags to organic and fairtrade coffee, it is everything we look for at a great price to boot. The charitable connections of New Kings Coffee, providing medical care in the coffee producing parts of the world is incredibly important to us too.
— Rob and Shareen, Grassmoor Guest House

Coffee for your Business

Coffee bags are a fantastic way to provide your customers or staff with the quality of fresh ground coffee and the convenience of brew-in-the-cup preparation. This means you can offer barista quality coffee without the need, cost or cleaning and maintenance of a coffee machine or other coffee making equipment - only a cup and hot water are required.

Our selection of coffee bag varieties gives you a choice of different coffee strengths, tastes and aromas, to suit all coffee drinkers. Plus all of our coffee is Fairtrade and Organic, our coffee bags are biodegradable and our packaging is eco-friendly.

As each coffee bag is individually wrapped, this ensures the coffee remains as fresh as the day it was roasted for up to 12 months, plus there’s no wastage from opened bags or jars of unused coffee.


  • Hotel, Guest House or B&B - upgrade your in-room experience with quality ground coffee;

  • Events and conference venues - save on preparation time with brew-in-the cup, fresh ground coffee;

  • Upgrade the coffee in your office or client meeting rooms;

  • Provide fresh ground coffee in your restaurant, cafe or garden centre without the need for a machine.

To find out more, discuss your requirements or receive a free sample, please complete the form below or contact us as preferred.