real coffee,
real easy.

Try coffee bags, the easiest way to enjoy freshly ground premium coffee.

It's as easy as a teabag. Simply add water to get a great tasting coffee, without any fuss, faff or mess.

Organic and Fairtrade

Organic coffee from Fairtrade farms ensures you get a quality bean and protect the planet

Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable pouches and compostable coffee bags

Speciality Coffee

We only use the finest carefully sourced ethical coffee beans for our roasts 

we're doing our part

We're a small independent Bristol business, providing you with great tasting coffee from around the world, whilst supporting our coffee farmers and protecting the planet:

✔️ Coffee farmers get paid a fair wage and a premium to support their communities;

✔️ The planet is protected by using organic farming practices and environmentally sound packaging;

✔️ You get great tasting, ethical coffee that's super easy to make with just a cup and hot water.

premium quality beans

premium quality beans

Delicious sustainable coffee

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eco pouches

Indulgent Dark Roast:
Rich, indulgent and full-bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices, with subtle acidity and intense dark chocolate finish.

Smooth Medium Roast
Rich and full flavoured with fruity acidity and good body. Notes of almond and toffee with a distinct acidic finish.

Decaf Medium Roast
Smooth, mild and sweet with pleasing notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough.

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try our selection box 

Try four of our roasts, including our best selling Medium Roast, in our Selection Box with 16 bags, 4 of each roast.

Individually wrapped in a recyclable sachet for maximum freshness.

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Delicious Roast Coffee Bags

Dark Roast

Peach Syrup | Spices | Dark Chocolate

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Light Light Roast

Light Roast

Blackcurrant | Acidic Red Cherry | Fruity Finish 

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Most Popular Medium Roast

Medium Roast

Fruity acidity | Almond | Toffee

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Decaf Coffee

Decaf Roast

Roasted Peanuts | Milk Chocolate | Burnt Sugar

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