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refreshing, energising and easy to make


Make Cold Brew style coffee easily. Simply leave a bag in the fridge overnight and enjoy the drink of the summer!

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  • Super easy to make
  • Naturally sweet and smooth
  • Up to 65% less acidity than iced coffee
  • 4 large bags per box
  • Each box makes 2.8 litres of refreshing cold brew coffee

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The best way to enjoy Cold coffee

You might have had cold coffee before. But never like this. Your summer mornings will thank you.

The old way to make iced coffee

Bitter, watered down or processed.

Brewing coffee with hot water brings out the acids.  This acidity intensifies when hot coffee cools, which is why you'll often have to add sugar to your bitter iced coffees.

  • Bland, bitter, or acidic
  • Processed concentrated coffee
  • Hassle to make
  • Not designed to be served cold

What you'll get with Cold Brew

Easy to make, sustainable and refreshing!

Cold water extraction produces a smooth and sweeter tasting coffee, devoid of acidity. Which makes it the perfect cold coffee drink

  • Produces coffee with a smooth and sweet taste
  • No mess to clean up
  • Versatile - great black or with milk 
  • Designed to be amazing served cold

refreshing coffee, refreshingly easy

Three simple steps and you'll never want to go back from Cold Brew. 

Step 1

Put the coffee bag into the cup

Step 2

Add hot water

Step 3

Stir, remove the bag and enjoy

Organic and Fairtrade

Organic coffee from Fairtrade farms ensures you get a quality bean and protect the planet

Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable pouches and compostable coffee bags

Speciality Coffee

We only use the finest carefully sourced ethical coffee beans for our roasts 

why everyone is switching to cold brew

Best homemade cold brew!

This cold brew pack is so amazing ! The coffee flavour is just top tier and I seriously would recommend this over any Starbucks cold brew. You can this drink all year round and it’s so so easy to use.

- Jcee

Tastes great

These are not the first coffee bags I've tried, but they are the first I've had that are designed for making iced coffee. I'm left impressed, though; everything about the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable and the instructions couldn't be easier. It tastes pretty great, too! 

- Captain Awesome

A must for any coffee lover

I do like cold coffee, and was intrigued to see how this differs from hot made coffee that’s then chilled. Answer: it’s fabulous, so easy to make and tastes divine. Lovely rich and smooth taste - perfect for the summer; perfect for any time!

- Grace

Better than my iced coffee

These are great to have during summer. I used a teapot to brew the coffee overnight, and it tasted much nicer that the iced coffee I make from my espresso machine!

- Savannah

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Ethical coffee you can be proud to drink

We're a small independent Bristol business, providing you with great tasting coffee from around the world, whilst supporting our coffee farmers and protecting the planet:

✔️ Coffee farmers get paid a fair wage and a premium to support their communities;

✔️ The planet is protected by using organic farming practices and environmentally sound packaging;

✔️ You get great tasting, ethical coffee that's super easy to make


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